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How many hats do you wear?

As a Mom, wife, care provider, teacher, IEP cordinator, nurse, psychologist, behavior interventionist, doctor, nutritionist, physical therapist, and OT  provider, these hats become confusing. The list of our ever changing roles can be overwhelming and confusing to our children.

Work with me so that we can do away with these added stressers. MOM will be the only hat on your hat rack.



I am married with two teenage girls (help). The eldest had a solid organ transplant during her 8th grade year when she had a 504 in place. We as a family pushed for additional testing that eventually led to an IEP. The educational system didn’t fully understand, the loss of educational minutes due to prolonged hospitalizations, affects of medication and poor health. The school districts were unable to fully grasp her medical status contributing to learning and the true extent of support services needed to reinforce her unique situation. I don’t want you to experience the lack of individualization the way she did. Let’s work together to maintain an open, positive dialogue with your child’s educational team. This can lead to improving your child’s education, future employment, independent living and any other specific needs you see as a parent. I would love to work with you so that you CAN ease your numerous responsibilities. I have over 30 years experience in the community working as a substitute teacher, classroom aide, job coach, life skills instructor, and a 1:1 specializing in the visually and hearing impaired. I have had the pleasure to interact with many unique humans and I look forward to working with you and yours.

Amy is NOT a a practicing attorney and will not provide legal advice or legal services. My goal is to have you understand the procedures in place for your child, the special education process, and assist you with these unique guidelines for your child. All advocacy decisions are your own. AmyBHernandez LLC, can help you understand and navigate the process of an IEP. Amy cannot guarantee any specific outcomes. All advocacy decisions are your own and not AmyBHernandez, LLC.


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% of time I TRY and manage my teenagers


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